How to Eat Cereals

In collaboration with my classmate, Katie Han, I embarked on a creative endeavor to recreate an advertisement video inspired by the charm of late 1900s commercials. Our mutual love for cereals sparked the decision to center our project around this breakfast staple. Our aim went beyond simply appropriating the vintage commercial style; we sought to infuse it with our own unique and playful elements, ensuring an engaging and captivating experience for viewers. By presenting three unconventional ways to enjoy cereals, Katie and I intended to prompt viewers to think outside the box, challenging preconceived notions of "How to Eat Cereals" and sparking a sense of curiosity and delight in the possibilities of this everyday ritual. Through our artistic exploration, we hope to ignite a sense of joy and inspire a fresh perspective on the familiar, enticing viewers to reimagine their own breakfast routines.

Julili 2023 — NY, New York & Seoul, South Korea