The Primary Colors of Memory

The Primary Colors of Memory: Digital

To me, it is important that I remember disappearing things and people. With this work, I wanted to archive and share memories of my highschool class so anyone can cherish our moments together even after graduation. A compilation of photoshopped pictures, this ongoing Instagram project highlights each student’s uniqueness through the use of RGB and CMYK color schemes.

I took nine photos of each classmate using a variety of shooting techniques and edited them using Adobe Photoshop CC--rendering one in black and white, three in the primary colors of light, and three in those of pigment, and leaving two in their natural colors. I uploaded these nine photos following the same order: black and white (K) in the center surrounded by mixes of CMY and RGB.

The Primary Colors of Memory: Analog

This piece is an analog rendition of the digital version The Primary Colors of Memory: Digital. I transformed the original work as I printed what had previously existed only as online digital photographs and realigned the individual photos according to RGB and CMYK color schemes. The resulting arrangement forms a new pattern that is different from that of the digital archive.

Through this process--the transformation of medium and arrangement--the digital photographs, which were photoshopped using digital technologies, have been reinterpreted in analog using the fundamental principles of light and color. Physically relocated side by side onto a black hardboard, these photographs seem to accentuate the intimacy of the photographed subjects, my friends, who appear to be happier than to be meeting together in real, as opposed to virtual, life.

Julili 2023 — NY, New York & Seoul, South Korea