Music Video

In a collaborative effort with my friend, Joe Cho, a student at NYU Tisch in the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music Department, I had the privilege of creating a visually captivating music video for four of his self-composed songs: “High Ceilings,” “Spring Olympics,” “Blues for Rudy,” and “I’m Not the One.” These songs feature a unique composition with two guitar sounds, both skillfully played by Joe. By leveraging the presence of two Joes within a shared space, the music video seeks to highlight the harmony and synergy between these guitar sounds, as well as the interplay and communication between Joe and himself. By inviting audiences into this intimate creative space, our music video fosters a sense of resonance and shared experience, where music and visual storytelling converge to create an immersive narrative.

High Ceilings

Spring Olympics

Blues for Rudy

I’m Not the One

Julili 2023 — NY, New York & Seoul, South Korea