Brain Piercing

Piercing has been my way to cope with stress. Though I felt fearful and nervous before getting my ears pierced, I felt confident and ecstatic afterward. As I reflected on my experience of getting piercings, I realized that though the exact memories of getting my ears pierced have faded, the rich variety of emotions that I felt remained.

To express this idea through my artistic imagination, I created a sculpture in the form of a brain and illustrations of the emotions I felt as I pierced my ears. These images would be projected onto the screen set up alongside the sculpture, which viewers can activate through touch. When the brain is activated, the screen, as coded through Arduino, displays illustrations of calm and stress; love and fear; and excitement and sadness. As photos from my daily life--representing memories--rapidly loop and end up fading, the illustrations of my emotions come forth to illustrate that while memories can be easily be forgotten, emotions last forever.

Julili 2023 — NY, New York & Seoul, South Korea