Remembering Seasons

This work is an homage to Gabriel Dawe’s Plexus, which uses threads to visualize the light spectrum. Drawing from Dawe’s work, I produced an abstract, minimal sculpture installation using colored threads to represent the four seasons.

I installed the work in my high school hallway as public art because not only is it a spot where light comes in, but it is a place where students can most readily notice changes in the passage of time; because the work allows light to pass through, it can be viewed differently depending on the angle and time of the day. The vibrant color scheme is enough to brighten up the hallway by fostering a cheerful atmosphere. After the piece was installed, it received a lot of attention from students passing by.

This body of work is an extension of the sculpture installation provided above. Motivated by the positive reception and impact it had on viewers, I was driven to further develop the installation into a larger-scale work, incorporating a more diverse range of forms. By expanding the scope of my artwork, my intention was to create a heightened sense of happiness and evoke a more profound impact within the space it occupies.

At the heart of this expanded installation lies a sensor integrated into the sculpture itself. This sensor detects the presence of objects or individuals in its proximity, triggering the dynamic display of multiple images and videos in random order and varying time durations. The digitally rendered colors represent the four seasons, serving as symbolic reminders of the significance of remembering and cherishing the memories and experiences associated with each passing season. I aim to create an immersive and interactive experience that prompts viewers to reflect on the passage of time and the value of preserving meaningful moments.

Julili 2023 — NY, New York & Seoul, South Korea