Chiasm of Senses and Media

This work was inspired by a conversation with a violinist who plays music for cancer patients. She told me that her violin was a product of a miracle: it was created by the world’s first luthier with impaired hearing, who was now listening to his music as a member of the audience. Stunned, I learned more about this amazing luthier through his YouTube channel (violinbeethoven). I found that instead of listening with his ears, the luthier feels soundwaves by observing the patterns on sand made by the vibrations of the violin.

I sought to express such awe-inspiring excellence in his work. Instead of working with real sand, I created digital effects that resemble its movement as it responds to haptic stimuli. When the camera built into the violin recognizes movement, the movement is reinterpreted in images of moving particles and patterns which are then projected onto the screen. I purposefully excluded sound because, to the luthier, the sounds of the violin are not about auditory stimuli.

Julili 2023 — NY, New York & Seoul, South Korea